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About me

Hi y’all, I’m Cindy-Jo and welcome to my site, Best Vinyl Cutter Reviews!

I guess you’re wondering why I’ve developed a website just about vinyl cutters, hey? The truth is, I’m a big fan of DIY, and when I became interested in buying a craft cutter, I found the information out there a bit technical and overwhelming. It seemed everyone had a different opinion, and it was really hard to make a decision about what cutter would suit my needs (and my budget!).

I wasted so much time reading about all the different brands and uses, and each machine’s specifications and Amazon reviews, that eventually I became more confused, not less. However, I persisted and bought my first craft cutter. I’ve learnt a lot since those days, and have quickly become so addicted to vinyl cutting that I then bought a commercial cutting machine.

These days, I know soooooo much more about cutting machines than I ever thought I would, so I thought I’d share what I know and save you the hassle of going through what I went through. Best Vinyl Cutter Reviews is an independent review site about vinyl cutting machines and related products. I’m not affiliated with any of the machines’ makers, so my reviews are not influenced by brand sponsorships (because I don’t have any!).

On this site, I hope to share reviews of the latest cutting machines, some simple projects to get you started, and my thoughts on the best vinyl cutter software. I also explain what some of the terms mean, so you can enjoy craft cutting as much as I do, but without being overwhelmed by all the terms and technology!

Thanks for stopping by — I hope you enjoy my site!